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Hritvi Wellness is an organization with a holistic approach towards HealthWellness and Prevention.

Our approach is correcting the underlying causes of illness or upcoming disease. This results in the overall wellness of mind, body and spirit of the individual with integrating ayurveda with allied therapies. We offer people to enhance their vitality and resistance. We provide personalized, proactive, predictive and preventive e dimensional health (mind, body, spirit) at cellular levels, the basic foundation for creating optimal health and happiness to all.

Utilizing best of all integrative ayurveda and allied therapies for educating and empowering people to achieve sustainable health and well being in this fast and ever evolving universe.   The organization is inspired by ayurveda, uses therapies powered by science, research and propelled by education to people so that they remain motivated and consistent to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Hritvi Wellness is a brain child of Dr.Pallavi and Mr.Anand Shetty who are working on this project since 2017. The main aim is to offer healthcare and wellness services to all section of society at Affordable price. Dr. Pallavi treated over 5000+ customers of various health issues without hospitalization at very minimal cost. In order to expand and reach all section of the society founded Hritvi Ventures in Jan 2021. Mr Venkatesh and Mr.Mohammad Khatib joined their hands to expand the business operation across the length and breadth of the country.

Hritvi has established three Wellness centers in Karnataka. Till date Hritvi Wellness helped more than 5000 people in reversing their disease pathology through proven and effective initiatives.

Moving ached Hritvi Wellness aims to empower more and more people with right health information to help them not to get into vicious circle of illness. Hritvi ventures chosen the Franchise route to empower more entrepreneurs to establish profitable yet affordable  health establishments to offer Affordable health and wellness services to all.

Achievement: Hritvi Ventures is proud recipient of 6th IHW 2020 SILVER Award in Health Start up Category. IHW ( Integrated Health & Wellness Council Of India) recognized the Hritvi’s innovative methods of treatments in achieving the sustainable health for all.

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