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Treatment for Migraine That Is Natural & Safe

A migraine headache is a form of vascular headache. Migraine headache is caused by vasodilatation (enlargement of blood vessels) that causes the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around the large arteries of the brain. It is a debilitating condition characterized by moderate to severe headaches, and nausea,

about 3 times more common in women than in men. The typical migraine headache is unilateral pain (affecting one half of the head) and pulsating in nature, lasting from 4 to 72 hours.

Ardhavabhedhaka is termed as half headache where the tridosha vitiate and affects the half part of the head and causes different types of pain – pricking, cutting, stabbing, tearing, burning for a short duration and reoccur in 3-5-10-15-30 days. It associates with vertigo.

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